Important--Sales Policy Change

After a lot of soul-searching, I have decided to change the sales policy of this site (and my art photography business in general) to reflect general fine-art practice and to protect the investment of buyers, so that all prints sold are one-of-a kind, or one-of-one if you prefer, just like a painting or drawing or sculpture.  

What this means is that once a print of any image is sold, whether it's an in-stock print or a special-order print where the buyer chooses the size and mounting, that's the end.  The first print sold is also the last. The image is retired: I will no longer sell any prints of that image regardless of size, and the image will be removed from the "Order Prints" page.  Regular visitors will note that the change has already been made for several images, which are now marked "SOLD" on the gallery pages.  

As a result of this policy change, I will be trying to introduce new images more often, but some of the smaller special-order print sizes that used to be available have now been discontinued.  I'm sorry if this removal causes any inconvenience; I think the new policy will be an improvement for everybody concerned.  Thanks much.