Panasonic Service--The Saga Continues

In the last posting I told you that the snafu regarding my defective GX85 had been resolved when the Panasonic service rep ("Maria") promised to send me a refund for the camera, rather than making me wait for the unknown date when the Texas service center got inventory from Japan to make a replacement camera available.  She also promised to keep me updated as to when the refund was coming.

Two weeks passed and I heard nothing, so I called them yesterday, whereupon the rep I talked to informed me that the Engineer (their capital "E"--see email below) had decided after six weeks that yes, indeed, there was dirt on the sensor, but that they were going to to repair the camera by installing a new sensor instead of sending a refund.  Of course this would have been a sensible solution had it occurred to them a bit earlier in the process, and of course, given the way they apparently do business, nobody thought it might be a good idea to inform me of this new development.  

The other problem is that since they had promised me a refund, I had already ordered a replacement camera (this time from Best Buy via eBay, because unlike Adorama, eBay doesn't make you get permission from the manufacturer to return a defective item).  I asked to speak to the rep's supervisor, and guess what?  It turns out that the supervisor is "Maria."  But Maria was "on another line" so she would have to call me back "as soon as she gets off."  No surprise--she didn't call.  At 2 PM I got an email from "Panacare" which I quote here verbatim:

I want to apologize for the delay in this matter. Your unit has been review by the Engineer, his recommendation was to replace image senor unit, the unit is currently been made available to the technician I am going to have this unit repair expedited so we can ship the unit out this afternoon.

I am ware at the time you were being offered an exchange/or refund, but there was miss communication; I have instructed the technician to expedite the unit so that it can be ship out either today or tomorrow.

Regards,  Maria

Warehouse/Customer Service Represenative Supervisor

I tried to call again, but this time the Panacare phone just rang and rang--they didn't answer at all.  I sent an email informing them that since I had already purchased a replacement camera, repair instead of the promised refund was unacceptable.  I immediately received a reply:

Thank you for contacting the Panasonic Factory Service Center. 

Your email has been assigned to one of our team members and will be replied to within 24 to 48 business hours. 

'Nuff said, for now.