Surprise! Panasonic Finally Honors Their Warranty

As of Wednesday, I finally have a new replacement camera for the defective GX85 I sent to Panasonic's service center in Texas in the middle of July.  I'm convinced that the only reason it actually happened is because I got Adorama involved--not their offshore customer service reps who often seem to be reading their responses from a card, but a supervisor (Thank you, Joana!) who may or may not be offshore but who definitely showed the persistence that one needs to deal with Panasonic service.  It's interesting, though, based on emails that I was copied on, that apparently even Adorama got action only when they went up the Panasonic corporate ladder to deal with an official ((East Coast Account Manager in Massachusetts) that ordinary consumers don't have access to.  

Needless to say, this whole experience has left a sour taste in my mouth regarding the US branch of a manufacturer from whom I have purchased at least nine cameras and multiple other electronic devices over the years.  And the sad part is that Panasonic still makes great, innovative cameras--I'm currently lusting after a G85 because its design fixes nearly all of the issues (aside from the bad sensor which could very well have been a rare occurrence) that I had with the GX85.

One solution to this conundrum might be, as I've mentioned before, to buy from a reputable US dealer and if you have a problem, insist that they honor their return policy rather than having you send the camera to Texas.  Another solution might be to circumvent the US service problem entirely by buying the camera from a Canadian dealer in the first place.  I've noted from responses on several forums that Canadian Panasonic service actually seems to be pretty good.  One north-of-the border dealer I contacted said that if a US customer has a warranty claim, he/she would have to return the camera to the dealer and they would deal with Panasonic service.  That seems reasonable.

I guess I should count myself lucky that my problems involved a little, easily shipped item like a camera.  I shudder to think about what might happen if the big-screen Panasonic TV on the wall behind me needed warranty service.