Almost Good

Prints from the Ocean City trip are due for submission at the gallery this weekend, so I had to sort through all the photos I took to decide which two to have printed.  As usual, there were some that were almost good enough, but had flaws that made them less desirable than they appeared at first glance, and I thought I’d share a couple of those today.  The first I call “Fun for All” for obvious reasons.

Here the colors are beautiful and the gulls add interest, but a closer look reveals that interest is not all the gulls have added to the picture.  I suppose that I could have used the editing tools in Lightroom (I don’t use Photoshop at all, for reasons both philosophical and practical) and set myself the task of meticulously removing all signs of bird poop.  But I decided the image is indeed more fun as-is; if it takes viewers a moment or two to see the punch line, so much the better.

The second image I originally titled just “Bikes.”  

Again I thought the colors were nice, especially the contrast between the green bike and purple wood, but again a closer look revealed a problem—this little back porch is also an ashtray and trashcan for smokers.  Any hope I had for a nostalgic image about old-fashioned family fun at the beach went right out the window.  I renamed the image “Bikes and Butts,” and I won’t be submitting it for the show.